Monoblock water clarification plant mod. MINI COMPACT 750 lt/min built in galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel AISI304, suitable for small-medium workshops.
The reduced dimensions allow to install the plant either inside, either outside the laboratory, ensuring a complete functioning equal to a traditional system.
The plant is composed of a vertical clarifier, a submerged pump, a safety gate and pneumatic valve, a floculant station, a mud stocking tank, a pneumatic pump for filterpress feeding, an automatic filterpress and an operating control panel with PLC.
Alternatively to the filterpress, for reduced mud quantities, we can suggest the plant with filtering bag and monoscrew pump for mud extraction.
– Vertical clarifier 18 cu.m.
– Safety gate DN100
– Pneumatic valve DN100
– Floculant station 530 lt
– Mud stocking tank
– Pneumatic membrane pump
– Mud extraction valve
– Automatic filterpress AS400/8P
– Submerged pump
– Operating control panel
As optional, we can supply water stocking tank, relaunching pumps with or without inverter, coagulant station, pH control, bag filters for clarified water and others.

System suitable for waters resulted from processing: marble-granite


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