The experience achieved on the field of clarification and dehydration has brought Tecnoimpianti Engineering S.r.l. to propose to its clients a complete line of plants for the preparation of polyelectrolyte solution. To satisfy the necessities of different plants, this range contains both semiautomatic CPM series and completely automatic CPA series.
The cheaper CPM series finds its place with the small plants, where there is no need to have the polyelectrolyte always ready and there is some personnel available for the operations of loading of water and of the product in powder. CPA series suits better for all the medium-large plants where there is a significant consumption of polyelectrolyte solutions and it is necessary having this solutions always available, with a good maturation and diluted with precision. To confirm the high quality standard of Tecnoimpianti Engineering S.r.l., also this equipments are built with the best corrosion preventive materials and with all the metallic parts in AISI304.
For what concerns the dosage system of the polyelectrolyte, it is calculated time by time, taking in consideration the type of pump or the most proper system.
CPM series includes cylinder tanks of 230 – 500 – 1000 – 1500 and 2000 lt. The series with tanks in polyethylene is available up to 530 lt capacity. Further, all the tanks are built in painted carbon steel or alternatively in stainless steel AISI304, in base of client’s needs and plant’s characteristics. Moreover, are available plants with double tank for medium-large clarification systems that constantly need polyelectrolyte solution.
CPA series includes rectangular tanks of 1000-1500-3000-5500 lt, all built in stainless steel AISI304.
The operating logic, common to all CPA models, is the following: when the polyelectrolyte solution is below the settled level, are activated the utilities for the water and product-to-be-diluted loading. The floculant in powder, coming from the volumetric measuring, through the auger with variable speed, reaches the clean water, after passing through a series of controls (manometer, pressure switch, electrovalve and so on).
The transformed solution falls into the first measuring tank, and through a siphon-flush system transfers into maturation/measuring tank. The solution is maintained in constant movement by an agitator with low number of laps. During this transfer, the solution reaches its maturation. The level probes on the final stage tank determinate the automation process of the plant. At this point the dosing pump withdraws the floculant and injects it on the line of the charging pipe of the clarifier.


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