Dry suction bench mod. BS-35, built in sheet steel aluminum and hot galvanized sheet steel.
The dry system for dust suppression is made by a centrifugal ventilator with a simple suction having straight paddles, an electric three-phase motor and special filters with characteristics suitable to the type of material to be treated.
The cleaning of these filters shall be effected by a self-cleaning system with compressed air, made by a pressurized tank, a series of membrane electrovalves with specific blowing tubes and controlled by a an automatic sequencer which can also be programmed manually. Dust that has been sucked up depositates in specific extractable drawers, for a complete, easy cleaning. The supply is completed by a control panel
built in accordance with the CE standards for the bench operating system.
As optional, the dry suction bench can be completed with air diffusers, customer pipelines and others.


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