Mud dehydration by filterpress is the most employed procedure to deparate the solids from a liquid or a gas where not suspended.
The separation of the solid from the liquid has place under pressure, inside of the filtering rooms by the means of special pumps, chosen properly for each requirement.

The study and the development of new methods in the field of solids from liquid separation allowed our company to build different types of filters capable to satisfy each and every sort of requirement.AS filter applications
AS filters are usually employed in cases where there is the possibility of having an optimal filtration speed, whre the high specific weight of the material to be filterpressed guarantees an optimal detachment of the panel. Mud dehydration coming from depuration is practiced in the following fields:

  • marble-granite and similar
  • ceramics
  • quarries and building sites
  • chimica-phisical
  • metallurgy

Building characteristics:
All the models are built in strong electro-welded steel and properly processed and treated with special painting related to the specific application types.
All the protections and the parts in contact with the liquid are in special alluminium alloy or in stainless steel where needed. The concomitant opening system of the filtering elements allow fast and certain detachment of the panel from the support.
Are available with plates with fixed volume or with plates with variable volume (membrane) for the most complex filtration, washing and panel drying troubles. The machines are supplied already tested, accordingly to the requirements of the 2006/42/CE.

The commitment in the field of research and development allows us to offer our clients new solutions regarding the industrial filtration systems.
AS series covers a complete range of filters, from the smallest (300×300) to the largest (1500×1500), to satisfy all flow rates requirements.

In order to satisfy the most diverse applications, our filters can be supplied, on demand, with the following accessories:

  • perimeter walkways;
  • support structure in electro-welded carpentry;
  • belt conveyor for pressed mud evacuation;
  • automatic device for filtering cloths cleaning;
  • other automatic facilities.


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