Our company

Tecnoimpianti Engineering S.r.l. works in the field of clarification and depuration of water coming from industrial and civil waste and of dehydration of sludges. Our firm also operate in suction and suppression of dust in various industrial fields. It is a dynamic firm, with a continue development that boasts on a great experience in projecting and realizing plants. Thanks to the most innovating technological process and to the experience in this branch, it has achieved a very competitive know-how and, today, it can supply completely smart plants.
It is structured in order to grant maximum safety both on liquid and atmospheric waste. Our firm elaborates technologic innovations which correspond to the necessities coming from the development of the different producing system. It projects and builts, according to law, high secure installations, with an extreme care during all the manufacturing stages; these installations are able to satisfy the requirements of different types of industries.
It produces complete lines far clarification of water and purification of air. It assures rapid, safe and very efficient services and maintenance. lts production Is addressed to industries which work marble, glasse, granite, stone, sand and gravel, bitumen and cemen, to chemical, tan pharmaceutical and paper industries; to biological and suction installations as well. In this catalogue we have tried to point out other fields.
We trust that our clients will appreciate the advantage of being served and assisted by Tecnoimpianti Engineering S.r.l., also for the fact that we examine every single request item by item.




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