Dust suction systems

Dust suction plants realized by Tecnoimpianti Engineering S.r.l., walls and suction benches, or centralized plants for dust suction in each field and for any necessities, are specifically studied for dust coming from marble, granite process and similar or for fumes produced by resins and so on.We propose two types of suppression, the water atomized and the newest and certificated dry-system.Only with the dry-system we can guarantee the total suppression of the dust.99,9% CLEAN ENVIRONMENT – NO RESIDUE – NO DAMP – MAXIMUM SILENCE – SELF-CLEANING
The offer for the accessories available at Tecnoimpianti Engineering S.r.l. includes: suction arms, self articulated, complete of electroventilator, boxes for suction walls built with anodized alluminium profiles and polycarbonate, work benches for sheet support, complete of swivel wheels.